Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Wanted: Hamburg Families as Hosts

Every year engineering students from around the world embark on a management study program at the NIT Northern Institute of Technology Management. To help ensure that the students do not get to know Hamburg and Germany solely from a campus perspective, NIT is looking for families that enjoy international exchange and would be happy to support the students during their time in Hamburg. 

Christmas is very much a time for the family, at least in Germany, and a time when many European students feel homesick when they are studying, living or working abroad. At NIT, however, young engineers from Asian, African and Arab countries study for a management degree at NIT. Many of them are in Germany for the first time and know nothing about German public holidays and festive seasons. So that they can get to known German culture, such as Christmas, with a German family NIT provides its international students with host families.

In terms of organization and their studies the students enjoy support from NIT. They live in studio apartments in the NIT building, for example, and are helped in their dealings with the authorities. NIT also sets great store, however, by students making contacts outside of their student and work environments during their stay in Germany. The commitment that hosts show makes the students’ ties with the country in which they are studying deeper, more varied, and above all more personal. Hosts meet the student they have been assigned regularly. They decide on leisure activities such as sailing, going to the theater, or spending evenings with the family. The idea is for students to take part in ordinary family life and thereby gain an insight into habits, customs, and festivities of their host country. Advent tea and Christmas, New Year’s Eve or Easter parties are memories of their stay in Germany that they will never forget.

Interested in becoming an NIT host? Please contact Alina Gruhn at alina.gruhn@bitte nicht bespammennithh.de or 040 428784217.

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