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Many students only dream about taking their first career steps while still studying, but the cooperation between IBM and the Northern Institute of Technology (NIT) Management makes it possible. The global technology company is regularly on the lookout for new talent and advertises attractive entry positions. One of these young talents is Niklas Spletter, a Class 19 NIT student, who now works for IBM in the DevOps area.

Niklas, why did you decide to study the Master in Technology Management at NIT? And why in parallel with your job?

I was looking for a supportive and challenging study program, based on technical roots, just like at IBM. I consider this connection and proximity to technologies to be fundamental for successful personal development in the STEM environment. This is also true for me. Even if my later career development leads to less technical roles, the extra-occupational set-up allows me to get involved in IBM at an early stage and to thus position myself by the end of my studies strategically in IBM, in terms of both my professional background and network.

How does what you learn from your studies help you in your work at IBM?

The NIT and IBM share a strong international orientation. I hadn't been involved in such a diverse environment before, so the course contents, which focus on intercultural cooperation, and of course the exchange with my fellow students, helped me a lot. Furthermore, the Technology Management program helped me to better understand and shape the strategies and processes at IBM.

How does IBM support you in your studies and why should you choose this combination?

IBM attaches great importance to the training of its employees. This can also be seen in its exemplary respect for the university obligations of the students. Lectures always take precedence over business projects, and IBM offers excellent opportunities to draw on experts and literature of any study content. In addition, the complete payment of tuition fees and the remuneration during the studies are of course a great support.

How do you manage to balance a career and a master's degree?

Since IBM fully supports my studies, I have freedom to concentrate fully on my academics. In addition, long-term planning and close coordination with IBM and the NIT help me to avoid stress peaks. This is not always possible, so there are occasionally very demanding days or weeks. For this times I find it helpful to keep calm and drink a lot of green tea ;-)

What do you like most about NIT?

The intensity of the many interactive, up-to-date courses with outstanding lecturers makes the NIT special for me. The motivation and curiosity of all my fellow students, however, is the most valuable thing for me at the NIT. Many study units may formally end in the evening, but the thoughts, ideas, and questions of the students develop further outside of class, which are later discussed. In this sense, it is the diversity of nationalities, courses of study, and professional experiences that make this exchange so valuable.

About Master@IBM

Master@IBM addresses ambitious bachelor graduates who want to start their career and qualify at the same time for leading and expert positions. A good degree, in a discipline focused in IT, and very good English language skills are required.The Master@IBM program enables you to study for a master's degree alongside work. As a rule you will study for four semesters at NIT. At the same time you will be working 3 to 4 days per week (60-80%) in an IBM department, where you can put your theoretical knowledge straight into practice. Along with responsible tasks and fixed remuneration, IBM offers to pay your tuition fees in full, to provide in-house IBM training, to enable you to gain certification in different specialized areas, and to support you in your further career planning.

Current positions at IBM can be found here.

More information about the work & study masterĀ“s program.


Niklas Spletter, NIT-Student and IBM employee

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