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Hamburg, 30 September 2019: On September 27th, NIT President Prof. Dr.-Ing. Otto von Estorff and Managing Director Verena Fritzsche proudly handed over the graduation certificates to the new NIT Master's graduates. They have successfully completed the demanding Master's program in Technology Management alongside a second Master's program at the TUHH or a full-time job. More than 150 family members and friends from many countries including Germany, Colombia, Mexico, Brazil, Croatia, Lebanon and more took part.

TUHH Vice President Kerstin Kuchta and the Chief Digital Officer, Christian Pfromm, congratulated the new graduates.

The graduates were ceremoniously bid farewell by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Kerstin Kuchta, Vice President for Teaching at the Technical University of Hamburg, who also underlined the special relationship of the TUHH and the NIT. Christian Pfromm, Chief Digital Officer of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg, also spoke to the students and wished them all the best for the future. From the NIT Alumni Network, Chakra Banerjee, Class '09 graduate and founder of TOWER360, congratulated the graduates.

The DAAD Award for Extraordinary Commitment goes to US-American, Annelis Breed.

This year, the NIT student body selected graduate Annelis Breed as the winner of the DAAD Prize for Extraordinary Commitment. She was particularly qualified because of her great willingness to help and the organization of many social groups and events. The DAAD Prize is endowed with €1,000 and is intended to give a face to the more than 355,000 foreign students in Germany.

Graduates voted Canadian Bill Blake as "Best Teacher 2019".

Also, graduates from all faculty selected Bill Blake of the Queens School of Business in Kingston, Canada as "Best Teacher 2019". The students were particularly enthusiastic about his practical teaching style and his charismatic way of moderating the lessons. Unfortunately, Prof. Blake was unable to attend the ceremony, but sent his thanks via video. Afterwards, the graduates and their guests toasted the graduation in the foyer of the NIT and concluded the evening with a boat trip on the Elbe.


Hamburg, 21 June 2019: For the second time, the NIT Northern Institute of Technology Management has declared the winner of the "Hauke Trinks Award". During the annual summer barbeque, the winners of this prestigious award were announced. The coveted first place went to Marius Block, a student at the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences (HAW), for his bachelor thesis on the classification and presentation of lipid structures. Second place went to Marcel Otte and third place to Kristina Wolff, both of whom also studied at the HAW.

With the Hauke Trinks Prize, the NIT honors the reputation of its founding father and seeks to draw the attention of young people to the life and work of the former president of the TUHH. The award was aimed at undergraduate students from universities in the Hamburg region studying a STEM field. Basic requirements for this esteemed award include an outstanding thesis performance, a high degree of scientific curiosity, and the pursuit of an original and interdisciplinary approach to gaining scientific knowledge.

Marius Block won for his bachelor thesis on the "Classification of Lipid Structures by Natural Language Processing". In addition, he received a prize of 1,000 euros. Marius, a student of biotechnology, won over the jury with the interdisciplinary approach he employed, which blended chemistry, biology, and engineering as well as computer science and linguistics. In addition, his work has a high societal relevance, as lipids are becoming increasingly important in medical research.

Marius' Professor Dr. med. Ing. Gerwald Lichtenberg, Professor of Physics & Control Systems at the HAW, drew his attention to the Hauke Trinks Award competition: "Mr. Block is an exceptional student with exceptional cognitive abilities, a quick grasp of complex relationships, and the courage to pursue alternative methods, the skills Hauke Trinks always searches for."

Mr. Block's research made a significant contribution to the evaluation and research of lipids and to the development of an original high quality approach. "I had the good fortune to be able to work with the University of Hamburg, in particular my second expert, Prof. Andrew Torda, helped me with the modeling of the data and gave me important insights for the translation of lipid molecules." Currently, Marius Block works as a lecturer for computer science at the HAW, but imagines his interest in data science leading him to self-employment in the future.


A cooperative agreement between the NIT Northern Institute of Technology Management and the Interessenvereinigung Mittelständische Wirtschaft

Hamburg, 06 June 2019: Verena Fritzsche, CEO of NIT, and Susan Friedrich, CEO of IMW, officially signed the cooperative agreement

Live networking: IMW sees itself as an energetic supporter of and mouthpiece for medium-sized businesses. Thanks to IMW's partnerships with educational-generally science-centered-institutions, IMW's networking techniques also include the transfer of professional know-how, such as managerial strategies and insights into future topics. The cooperation with the NIT is therefore an additional enrichment of the IMW entrepreneur network. Both partners provide impetus and pursue the goal of strengthening entrepreneurship in Germany.

The NIT prepares students and managers to shape a digital future. At the renowned private institute of higher education in Hamburg, talents from all over the world work towards a Master's degree in Technology Management, acquiring the necessary tools to take on national and global management tasks in the fields of technology and sustainability. Some IMW members are NIT alumni. Cooperation with these organizations and associations enriches the NIT's knowledge over a range of topics, while simultaneously benefiting the industry-partners from the university's scientific input.

IMW's Hanse office-based in Hamburg and headed by Imke Wolf-Doettinchem and Ines Kulka-is responsible for the Alumni & Customer Relations branch at the NIT and will coordinate the cooperation between the two institutions. The NIT also participates as a partner of the event series Mittelstandsforum Hanse


Hamburg, 28 May 2019: Two Americans, Alexander Kasinec and Andrew Moakes, were pleasantly surprised when their startup, Flugilo, won first place in the "IDEA" category at the Hamburg Innovation Awards 2019. Katharina Fegebank,  Second Mayor of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg and Senator for Science, Research, and Equal Rights, happily presented them with the coveted prize, as well as the prize money, €5,000, and a case of non-cash prizes at the Hamburg Innovation Summit on May 23rd, 2019 in the Fischauktionshalle in Hamburg.

Together with their partner, Amos Smith, who unfortunately was unable to attend the award ceremony, they developed a parking sensor for aircraft that facilitates maneuvring on the ground. The jury was particularly impressed by Flugilo's tangible customer benefits and strong partner network. In addition, the founders acheived a clear market-entry-strategy.

The idea behind it

Until now, it has been very costly to move an airplane. Ground personnel walk under the wings and along the stern, directing the tug driver into the parking position. Parking can take up to 60 minutes, involving high personnel costs and risk for human error caused collosions. This process is exactly what the founders want to change with their start-up, Flugilo. Similar to the parking-assist in a car, the device shows whether the aircraft is too close to an object. The idea is that the set of sensors will pay for themselves within a year, representing major savings compared to the traditional repair and personnel costs.

About the founders

The founders of Flugilo got to know each other at the Northern Institute of Technology (NIT) Management. The two Americans are studying Technology Management (MBA) at the Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH) in parallel to an MSc. "Andrew and I already have some experience in product development. When we met, we quickly realized that we could work well together. That's why we decided to launch Flugilo," said 26-year-old Alexander Kasinec (now 28). Fellow TUHH student, Amos Smith, completes the team. Flugilo is currently in the process of being formally founded and wants to expand its team. The founders then want to launch a first prototype onto the market. 


At the NIT under the motto 'BE THE CHANGE', talents from all over the world learn to take on management tasks responsibly. With a focus on digitization, global management and entrepreneurship, the NIT qualifies students and executives to shape the digital future.

International high potentials, renowned scientists, and successful entrepreneurs come together in agile and networked learning spaces to create a special, intercultural learning environment. With expertise from research and industry, the NIT covers everything from study programs and lifelong learning workshops to process support for companies.

Master's Programme in Technology Management

At the NIT, outstanding students in the Technology Management Master's program learn how to deal with the challenges of the digital world and actively shape the future. The future world of work demands dealing with complexity and constant change. Through real projects, students acquire an extensive technical understanding and solid management knowledge. They are accompanied individually by professors and practitioners in small international and interdisciplinary groups.

The study program can be completed as a master´s degree or as a double master´s degree (degree: M.A. or MBA) in combination with a Master's program in engineering sciences at the Technical University of Hamburg (TUHH). Professionals have the opportunity to study while working. The offer is flexible and modular and can thus be adapted to the individual needs of the students. A module consists of learning paths lasting several weeks in combination with virtual learning and face-to-face events.

Lifelong Learning for the Digital Age

With the NIT Toolbox, the private educational institute offers practice-oriented workshops and compact seminars on a scientific level for entrepreneurs, managers, and teams who want to promote digital change. Under the guidance of renowned lecturers from science and industry, the participants expand their competencies in the areas of new technologies, innovative methods, digital competencies as well as people management and culture. In addition, the NIT develops customized training programs for companies, especially with a global focus.

Process Support for the Digital Transformation

Furthermore, the NIT supports companies in the process of digital transformation. With regular events, such as the Hamburg Economic Dialog, the NIT sheds light on current and future developments. Thanks to the interdisciplinary network, a company's need for change is identified, analyzed and tackled. The aim is to enable employees to drive innovation and use new technologies to secure the future of the company.


About the NIT

The NIT is a private institute of higher education and was founded in 1998 by 40 professors of the Technical University of Hamburg (TUHH) as a non-profit limited company. It is financially supported by various foundations and companies, among others. The NIT is located on the campus of the TUHH in the south of Hamburg.

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