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NIT Master´s program successfully reaccredited

Hamburg, December 20, 2018: This year, the NIT further developed the content and structure of its Master's program in Technology Management. Now the FIBAA (Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation) and the German Accreditation Council have successfully reaccredited the program and it may continue to bear their seal of approval.

The Master's program was thoroughly examined by a team of FIBAA experts consisting of professors and university lecturers. The NIT was able to convince with its innovative concept based on project- and practice-related learning. In particular, the reviewers rated the integration of theory and practice, interdisciplinarity and didactic concept as above average.

The study program's employability was highlighted in particular: "As a result, vocational qualification is recognizable as a 'red thread' through all study sections and methods used," according to FIBAA. Also praised were the qualified guest lecturers and tutors with an international orientation in teaching, who guarantee intensive support for students and promote personal exchange.

The curriculum was also adapted to reflect the agile, digital world of work. The "MyProject" is at the centre of the program, where students pursue an innovation project or their own start-up idea and develop it in their Master's thesis. Modules from the areas of classical management, self-development, innovation management, company foundation and digitalization also familiarise students with the entrepreneurial challenges of the future.

One program improvement is especially noteworthy: starting from September 2019 it will be possible for the first time to complete the Master's program with 120 credit points. So far, the program has been designed for 90 credit points. In addition, the NIT will open up admission to the program not only to engineers and scientists, but also to graduates from business-related studies.

NIT Students Develop Prosthetic Glove

Hamburg, 11 october 2018: With their start-up TwoFold, Cherisa Nicholls and Melissa Gile want to make life easier for prosthesis carriers. With a combination of state-of-the-art sensors and a gaming app, the engineers want to conquer the health sector.

Approximately 1.3 million Americans have a prosthetic arm. However, about 60% of these patients have problems with fully utilizing their artificial limb. Too high expectations and a lack of training quickly lead to frustration and often to rejection of the bionic limbs. With costs between 10,000 and 100,000 US-$ per prosthesis, an unsatisfied patient is not only emotionally but also financially burdened.

Artificial prosthesis becomes functional arm replacement

NIT students Cherisa and Melissa have addressed this problem and want to help prosthetic patients. The aim is to create opportunities for patients to practice at home, outside of physiotherapy. "Even though there are a large number of different types of prostheses, the complementary therapy options offered by manufacturers are still limited. There still is a gap in the market in this area," explains Cherisa. Every year, approximately 10,000 people receive an adcanved prosthetic arm for the first time in the US. Melissa and Cherisa want to help these new users in particular during the difficult initial training phases.

After interviews with patients, physical therapists and doctors, the idea was born to develop a prosthetic glove with an accompanying app. The glove is connected to the app via Bluetooth. Flexible sensors in the individual fingers detect every movement and illuminate small LED lamps as soon as a movement occurs. With the app, patients can practice anything from standard movements to precision exercises, and have fun at it too. Everyday things such as holding a coffee cup, cutting food or throwing a ball are made possible again with a little training. A glove would cost about 600 US-$ - app included. Not too much, considering the high cost of a prosthesis.

Reaching for the Future

Melissa and Cherisa are currently writing a detailed business plan. The next steps would include discovering funding options and testing their prototype for a longer period of time. Whether the two will really go to the market with their prosthetic glove is still uncertain. Nevertheless, they have a tip for other potential founders: "It is important to always take an "idea book" with you. In case an idea crosses your path at university, at work or in everyday life".

About the founders

Melissa, who originally comes from the US, and Barbadian-born Cherisa got to know each other during their master's studies at the NIT Northern Institute of Technology Management. At the NIT they are studying "Technology Management" (MA/MBA) in parallel with a MSc at the Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH). "Although we were initially worried that our very similar technical backgrounds might be a problem," says Melissa Gile, "we quickly realized how well we work together as business partners." The international team is supported by Amanda Woodcock, who lives in the USA and was mainly responsible for the development of the prototype glove.

Starting a Business at NIT

At the NIT Northern Institute of Technology Management, students can launch their own start-up. In the specialization module "E-Track: Entrepreneurial Management" they are familiarized with relevant entrepreneurial tools and concepts. "The NIT mentors helped us the most. The feedback, support and criticism that we received during this time, was very important," says Cherisa. The E-Track covers the entire process from finding a business idea to resource allocation, sales and marketing. The goal is to promote ideas and technologies that have a positive effect on the society and environment.

NIT Graduation of Class 18

Hamburg, 1 October 2018: They made it – 21 students of the NIT Class 18 received their Master's degree in the Audimax of the Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH). NIT President Prof. Dr.-Ing. Otto von Estorff and CEO Verena Fritzsche proudly presented them with the certificate. The graduates lived through two exciting and challenging years at the NIT. They successfully completed their Master's degree in Technology Management alongside their M.Sc. at the TUHH or their full-time job.

Over 150 family members and friends from Barbados, Brazil, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico, Serbia and the USA travelled to Hamburg for the ceremony.

The students proudly entered the TUHH Audimax and were welcomed by Verena Fritzsche and Prof. Dr. Hendrik Brinksma, President of the TUHH. Angela Titzrath, CEO of the Hamburger Hafen und Logistik AG (HHLA), also congratulated the graduating class. Boie Karstens, CEO of Kavo Produktions GmbH, congratulated the class on behalf of the NIT alumni.

The NIT then awarded the DAAD Prize to Class 18 student Alexander Kasinec from the USA, who was selected for his extraordinary commitment to the student body. He convinced the jury of NIT students and staff especially with his helpfulness, reliability and open-minded personality. The DAAD Prize comes with a cash prize of € 1,000 and is intended to give the over 355,000 foreign students in Germany a face.

Class 18 also surprised the NIT with a special gift: all leftover donations that were collected for the graduation party will be donated to the NIT's One-Of-Us Scholarship. This scholarship was initiated for the first time in 2016 and called on the NIT alumni to donate to a scholarship of a future student. Thanks to this support, Class 18 student Zhi-Kai Chong from Malaysia was able to complete his Master in Technology Management at NIT.

Afterwards, the NIT awarded the Hauke Trinks Prize for the first time. TUHH student Francesca Meyer won the first prize for her bachelor thesis on "Charakterisierung der Reaktionskinetik einer enzymkatalysierten Fettsäureproduktion". In addition, she received €1,000. The jury selected her outstanding thesis because of its high social relevance and Francesca's high level of commitment. Places 2 and 3 went to Lisa Christin Watter (TUHH) and Niels Röschmann (HAW). With the Hauke Trinks Award, the NIT honours its founding father and would like to draw young people's attention to the life and work of the former President of the TUHH.

In the NIT foyer, the guests rounded off the evening with the jazz band of Nikos Titokis and a champagne reception.

20 years of NIT - this was duly celebrated

On June 29, 2018, we rolled out the blue carpet and celebrated our 20th anniversary together with partners, students and interested parties from business, science and politics. At 2 p.m., NIT President Prof. Dr.-Ing. Otto von Estorff welcomed the more than 300 guests and opened the anniversary ceremony.

Afterwards Prof. Dr. Ed Brinksma, President of the TUHH congratulated the NIT with an opening speech and expressed his respect: "We are grateful and happy to have you as an enrichment of our university at our side!

Journey through the last 20 years of NIT

To take a look into the past, NIT student Sebastian Reinecke invited important contemporary witnesses to the stage. As a representative of the Körber Foundation, CEO Dr. Lothar Dittmer illustrated the close relationship between his foundation and the NIT. It has been a great supporter of the private educational institution for years and has built the building and supported many projects. The first CEO of the NIT, Dr. Jörg Dräger, and the former president Prof. Wolfgang Bauhofer then reported on the beginnings of the NIT. With a great deal of persuasion and commitment, they succeeded in establishing the NIT 20 years ago.

Among the panel guests was the long-standing supporter and patron, Prof. Dr. h.c. Thomas J.C. Matzen, who particularly appreciates the intercultural environment and the many talents from all over the world at NIT. He said true to the motto of the day: "You can't describe the NIT - you have to experience it!". Alumna Dr.-Ing. Natasa Manojlovis from Class 2 told students about her time at NIT, which has significantly shaped her future and still has a deep connection with the NIT and fellow students today.

A glimpse into the future

Finally, the current CEO Verena Fritzsche, who brought a breath of fresh air to NIT five years ago, spoke. With the strategy project 'NIT 4.x', together with her team and various NIT partners, she developed a trend-setting direction for the private educational institute. In the future, the NIT wants to broaden its position and, in addition to the Master's degree in Technology Management, also offers lifelong learning workshops and process support for companies. "It is important to us not only to introduce students to the new developments but also to provide company employees with the right tools for digital change," says the CEO.

NIT announces Hauke Trinks Award and and inaugurates the foyer

Verena Fritzsche and Dr. Ole Trinks, son of NIT founding father Prof. Hauke Trinks, then announced the "Hauke Trinks Award". In future, the award will be awarded annually to outstanding theses by Bachelor graduates in recognition of the memory of Hauke Trinks. Another highlight of the ceremony was the official inauguration of the NIT foyer in honor of Prof. Dr. h.c. Thomas J.C. Matzen, whose lettering was ceremoniously unveiled.

Experience NIT in workshops and start-up pitches

Afterward, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Otto von Estorff and Verena Fritzsche toasted the 20th anniversary with the popping of the champagne cork and opened the champagne reception. From 3.30 p.m. the guests had the opportunity to get to know the NIT better and to attend lectures or workshops. Partner universities and lecturers from business and science gave exciting lectures on digitization and new technologies in various themed rooms. Alumni and NIT students presented their start-ups and start-up ideas. The program was rounded off with the Design Thinking Space, where the guests became creative and designed their own products.

Foundation of commuNITy e.V.

At 5 p.m.Verena Fritzsche invited to the foundation of the commuNITy e.V., which is to support future student projects. 17 founding members signed the statutes and thus founded the association.

From 6 p.m. the day was duly celebrated at a common barbecue party. The evening ended with home-brewed beer from Campus Perle, live music, cocktails and fire artists.

Spendenübergabe des Leo-Club Calluna Buchholz an die NIT Hamburg.

Leo-Club Calluna Buchholz hands over donation to NIT students

Hamburg, 17 May 2018: Today, the Leo-Club Calluna Buchholz donated 500 euros to the students of the NIT Northern Institute of Technology Management. NIT alumnus Dhruvil Shah and NIT student Mirco Fabian Woidelko were delighted to accept the donation. "The students want to use the money for the upcoming class trip. They are going to Ratzeburg! We are very grateful to the Leos for making this possible," said Dhruvil.

Kristina Wacker, president-elect of the Leo-Club Calluna Buchholz and Dr. Andreas B. Kummer, president of the partner club Lions Club Hamburg-Rosengarten and the members Prof. Klaus-Werner Damm and Axel Milde were present at the handover. "It is very important for us to support foreign students and to familiarize them with our country, our language and our culture. Thereby they can become ambassadors in their home countries and report on their positive experiences in Germany," says Kristina Wacker.

The support of young adults and the integration of international students has been an important issue for the Leo Club. There is also a very special relationship to the NIT and its students. It all began with the hospitality of Prof. Damm, who acted as Dhruvil's host during his studies at the NIT. In the meantime, Dhruvil has successfully completed his Master's degree and is a member of the Leos. He supports the exchange between his fellow students and the locals. For example, NIT students support the Leo's Advent bazaar at the Kiekeberg and sell Christmas cookies and hot drinks for a good cause. With their donation, the Leos would like to thank the NIT students for their support and help them to pay for their class trip, which wouldn't be financially feasible otherwise.

NIT Northern Institute of Technology Management

Knowing technology trends, thinking entrepreneurially, mastering digitization: At the NIT Northern Institute of Technology Management, talents from all over the world learn to assume management tasks responsibly. Together with the Technical University of Hamburg, the private institute of higher education offers a double Master's program in English: Engineering (MSc) and Technology Management (MBA). More than 550 students have already completed their studies at NIT, more than two thirds of them from abroad.

Leo-Club Calluna Buchholz

Leo is an organization for young people between the ages of 16 and 30 who enjoy social commitment. With the motto "We Serve", Leos help with aid projects on the spot where their help is needed. They support the needy with energy in various and diverse projects. The Leos donate their time to serve others. Together they meet challenges and assume responsibility: in over 6,600 clubs in 144 countries worldwide. Hamburg, Chicago, Tokyo - no matter, Leos are here.

NIT and Leuphana Professional School cooperate

Hamburg, 09 May 2018: The NIT Northern Institute of Technology Management and the Professional School of Leuphana University Lüneburg have agreed on a future cooperation with a Memorandum of Understanding. The two partners want to use their scientific expertise to develop joint continuing education programs. In addition, existing courses of study are to be exchanged. Another goal of the cooperation is to jointly open up new scientific topics and share experiences.

The NIT trains students and executives to assume management tasks responsibly. The Master's program in "Technology Management" combines technological and entrepreneurial knowledge and also teaches innovation methods such as design thinking. The Leuphana University of Lüneburg offers full-time degree programs as well as in-service training programs within the framework of its professional school to further develop executives, for example in the areas of sustainability, law, management, health and social affairs.

Verena Fritzsche, CEO of NIT, welcomes the cooperation: "We want to use synergies with Leuphana University Lüneburg and make our offer even more attractive in order to make training participants fit for the constantly new challenges of the professional world".

NIT Northern Institute of Technology

Management Knowing technology trends, entrepreneurially thinking, mastering digitization: At the NIT Northern Institute of Technology Management, talents from all over the world learn to take on management tasks responsibly. Together with the Technical University of Hamburg, the private, non-profit institute offers a double Master's program in English: Engineering (MSc) and Technolo-gy Management (MBA or MA). In addition, the NIT develops tailormade forther training for industrial companies. With the Digital Think Tank, founded in 2016, NIT bundles its excertise in the areas of digitization and new leadership and provides relevant impulses for public debates. In workshops and lectures, entrepreneurs, managers ,and teams learn new methods such as design thinking, what makes software developers tick and which digital trends are really important.

Leuphana Universität Lüneburg

Leuphana bundles its activities in the Professional School for part-time studies and further education. Since 2009, in-service bachelor's, master's and certificate courses, as well as advanced training such as seminars or webinars, have been offered. The offers come from the clusters Management & Entrepreneurship, Governance, Sustainability & Law as well as Education, Health & Social Affairs. The demand for the broadly diversified offers of the Professional School has grown more and more in recent years. It has developed into one of the most important academic continuing education providers in northern Germany and one of the largest continuing education institutions at German universities. Over 1,100 students are currently enrolled at the Professional School.

NIT and Miami Ad School plan Cooperation

Hamburg, 16 April 2018: The NIT Northern Institute of Technology Management and the Miami Ad School Europe, The International Institute of Creative Innovations, have sealed their official cooperation in a "Memorandum of Understanding". The plans include to open individual courses, as well as to develop common courses. The aim is to promote exchange and mutual learning between students from different disciplines, such as engineering, management and creative technology.

International creative minds meet international engineers

The NIT combines technological and entrepreneurial know-how. In its "Technology Management" (MA/MBA) and further education courses, the NIT focuses on project-based learning and teaches, among other things, innovation methods such as Design Thinking. Miami Ad School Europe is a hot spot for creativity and innovation, with the most awards in the creative and innovation industry worldwide. Art directors, communication designers, copywriters, digital designers and creative technologists are trained in an international network. NIT Managing Director Verena Fritzsche wants to use synergies and hopes for an inspiring exchange: "We are united by an understanding for a new way of learning: autonomous, practice-oriented, international and flexible. At the same time, our students can learn a lot from each other. Together we can create great innovations."

"Industry is looking for innovative minds. Young, passionate people who are familiar with the latest technology and hungry to look to the future - because technologies are evolving every day. At the same time, they should be able to use their technical skills creatively and imaginatively on the job," explains Ina Behrendt, Managing Director Digital at Miami Ad School Europe. "As the 'International Institute of Creative Innovations', we are training exactly these employees of the future with our new program," explains Niklas Frings-Rupp, who founded the school 15 years ago. The concept of the two-year course and training is based on three pillars: understanding of technology, design/product, and human needs. Accordingly, the content is also divided into areas such as coding, digital design or management, which is why we are particularly pleased that NIT supports and wonderfully complements us in the areas of design thinking and data science/modeling, as well as machine learning".

NIT and Miami Ad School Europe will also benefit from each other in the area of continuing education by offering events together. They will cooperate and strengthen their potential, particularly in the areas of design thinking and data science/modeling, as well as machine learning and innovation challenges.

Joint appearance at anniversary events

On April 12, the Miami Ad School Europe celebrated its 15th anniversary; the NIT celebrates its 20th birthday on June 29. On April 12, the Miami Ad School Europe invited to an interactive vernissage in the field of Creative Technology. In the room created for this purpose by the NIT, the guests were able to try out the "Design Thinking" innovation method. This so-called Design Thinking Space is to be integrated and used in everyday school life from now on. On June 29, the anniversary celebration of the NIT, the NIT partners, among others, will present their products and services.

NIT Northern Institute of Technology Management

Knowing technology trends, entrepreneurial thinking, mastering digitization: At the NIT Northern Institute of Technology Management, talents from all over the world learn to take on management tasks responsibly. Together with the Technical University of Hamburg, the private, non-profit institute offers a double Master's program in English: Engineering (MSc) and Technology Management (MBA). In addition, the NIT develops tailor-made further training courses for industrial companies. With the Digital Think Tank, founded in 2016, NIT bundles its expertise in the areas of digitization and new leadership and provides relevant impulses for public debates. In workshops and lectures, entrepreneurs, managers, and teams learn new methods such as design thinking, what makes software developers tick and which digital trends are really important.

Miami Ad School Europe

The Miami Ad School (Headquarter) was founded in 1993 in Miami and has been based in Hamburg for 15 years now and in Berlin for 9 years. Miami Ad School Europe is known for its integrated academic path Creative Bachelor of Arts (BA) or Creative Master of Science (MA) and is one of the best and most successful, creative and innovative schools worldwide. With its two-year portfolio programs "Art Direction/Digital Design", "Copywriting" or "Creative Technology", the Miami Ad School Europe unites many different schools in one. Their graduates work for the best creative agencies, innovation companies, and tech brands worldwide. The Bachelor (BA) and Master (MA) programs take place in cooperation with the Steinbeis University for Management and Innovation. Miami Ad School Europe also offers a 3-month Account Planning Bootcamp or two-day seminars for creative industry professionals in agencies and companies - to improve their skills and expand their competence.

NIT Northern Institute of Technology Management

At the NIT under the motto 'BE THE CHANGE', talents from all over the world learn to take on management tasks responsibly. With a focus on digitization, global management and entrepreneurship, the NIT qualifies students and executives to shape the digital future.

International high potentials, renowned scientists, and successful entrepreneurs come together in agile and networked learning spaces to create a special, intercultural learning environment. With expertise from research and industry, the NIT covers everything from study programs and lifelong learning workshops to process support for companies.

Master's Programme in Technology Management

At the NIT, outstanding students in the Technology Management Master's program learn how to deal with the challenges of the digital world and actively shape the future. The future world of work demands dealing with complexity and constant change. Through real projects, students acquire an extensive technical understanding and solid management knowledge. They are accompanied individually by professors and practitioners in small international and interdisciplinary groups.

The study program can be completed as a master´s degree or as a double master´s degree (degree: M.A. or MBA) in combination with a Master's program in engineering sciences at the Technical University of Hamburg (TUHH). Professionals have the opportunity to study while working. The offer is flexible and modular and can thus be adapted to the individual needs of the students. A module consists of learning paths lasting several weeks in combination with virtual learning and face-to-face events.

Lifelong Learning for the Digital Age

With the NIT Toolbox, the private educational institute offers practice-oriented workshops and compact seminars on a scientific level for entrepreneurs, managers, and teams who want to promote digital change. Under the guidance of renowned lecturers from science and industry, the participants expand their competencies in the areas of new technologies, innovative methods, digital competencies as well as people management and culture. In addition, the NIT develops customized training programs for companies, especially with a global focus.

Process Support for the Digital Transformation

Furthermore, the NIT supports companies in the process of digital transformation. With regular events, such as the Hamburg Economic Dialog, the NIT sheds light on current and future developments. Thanks to the interdisciplinary network, a company's need for change is identified, analyzed and tackled. The aim is to enable employees to drive innovation and use new technologies to secure the future of the company.


About the NIT

The NIT is a private institute of higher education and was founded in 1998 by 40 professors of the Technical University of Hamburg (TUHH) as a non-profit limited company. It is financially supported by various foundations and companies, among others. The NIT is located on the campus of the TUHH in the south of Hamburg.

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