Combine your engineering expertise with management competences. The fourth industrial revolution is changing organizational processes fast and furiously, posing fresh challenges for executives in particular. Our executive education offering at the NIT Northern Institute of Technology Management covers a range of areas in the world of technology management and new leadership. Our programs include certificate courses, in-house seminars, summer schools, and other training options.

At the NIT you will extend the scope of your competences in a targeted manner and bring your specialized expertise up to date. Draw up strategies to ready yourself for the digitized work environment. Highly regarded faculty members from science and practice teach relevant content with a practical, target orientation. Prepare yourself optimally for the future with us at the NIT. 


The global economy is constantly on the move. Digitization offers engineers and IT specialists in particular a large number of career opportunities. Would you like to develop yourself, to extend your range of opportunities, and are you ready for your next career step? Then study for the part-time MBA in Technology Management at the NIT. Benefit from small learning groups, from interactive, personal teaching, from international teachers and from an intercultural learning atmosphere.


Our English-language NIT Certificate Courses provide you with specific further training in a subject area from the world of technology management. Together with NIT students from around the world you will familiarize yourself with new contents, methods, and ways of thinking. In small groups you will extend your competences in a targeted manner and bring your specialized knowledge up to date.

Our subject areas range from idea generation, corporate entrepreneurship and organizational behavior to quality management, key critical success factors and technology roadmapping.


Generation Y, Industry 4.0, and demographic change are exerting a fundamental influence on corporate cultures. They are totally transforming the classic understanding of labor and, with it, of management. But how are executives to master these global challenges and to manage their own company successfully?

NIT Impact Sessions prepare you and your company for the future. In compact, two-day Impact Sessions you will work with teachers with a practical background on how your company will be positioned in the future in the respective subject area. Put new ways of thinking to use and make your company strong for tomorrow.


27 Apr

Second Hamburg Economic Dialog

Topic: Digitization Capital Hamburg – Opportunity or Liability? Giving new impetus through experts and panel discussion

22 Sep

Graduation Class 17

Young engineers from around the world receive their MBA and MA certificates on Friday, September 22, at the NIT.

28 Sep

3rd Hamburg Economic Dialog

Topic: Digital Leadership–Chances, Visions and Everyday Life. In cooperation with DIVSI, hosted by Bucerius Law School.

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Business and science inspire and stimulate each other. At the NIT we combine the best of both worlds – for our students, our alumni and our partner companies, and for our executive education course participants. We cooperate closely with industry, management experts, trend researchers, and tomorrow’s innovators. We show you what will be of relevance in your work environment in the future.

Let us tell you about the current trends in technology management, digitization and new leadership. Enter into a dialog with us – our Business Dialog, for example, which we aim to develop into a fixed format in Hamburg. At our platform debates and theme evenings and our lectures at conferences, networking events and symposiums. We look forward to sharing news and views with you.




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