We do our best to ensure that your time at the NIT provides you with a wide-ranging wealth of experience. Students, staff and network partners come together in after-work activities, at subject presentations, and at parties. In the process, they make what is special about the NIT’s unique community continue to grow. Many of you live and learn under one roof and maintain close ties with the NIT as your new home. NIT staff are happy to be of assistance and will readily answer questions about your studies, the building, and hints on where to go and what to see in Hamburg.


In a foreign country with an unaccustomed university system and German bureaucracy, our students are not left alone to find their way around living and studying in Hamburg. Our teaching assistants supply NIT students with teaching materials, prepare seminars, and are the link between students and faculty. The student tutors mostly live in the NIT building. They will help you to find your way around, accompany you to official appointments, and help with language-related challenges. When the NIT Office is closed, NIT residents can buy washing machine tokens from them. Our student tutors bring light into the university jungle.


Ricardo Olvera Romero


Arvind Subramanjan Vekatanarasimhan


Those who live in one of our student apartments at the NIT get to know the campus from another side. In the morning they can breakfast with students in the Campus Suite, on the weekend they can go for a run around the Aussenmühlenteich or party in the Music Room.

If you have any questions or problems with the building or your apartment, office manager Tatjana Färber and custodial manager Lars Bauer will know what to do. You will find Tatjana Färber in her office from 9 a.m. - 11.30 a.m. and 1 p.m. - 3 p.m. from Monday to Friday. She will have any packages that arrive for you and will sell you washing machine tokens for €1.50 each.

Studentenzimmer auf dem Campus des NIT


Above and beyond your academic success, we also consider it important to get in contact with Hamburg citizens and families during your stay at the NIT. This will allow you to learn about normal, private life and customs in Germany as well as improve your German. 

Therefore, we find Hamburg citizens who are interested in getting to know you. Your hosts will give you some insights into German culture and possibly show you their favorite parts of Hamburg. It’s an opportunity for both students and hosts to spend free time together and to learn from each other.


On September 27th, 2019 NIT President Prof. Dr.-Ing. Otto von Estorff and Managing Director Verena Fritzsche proudly handed over the graduation certificates to the new NIT Master's graduates. They have successfully completed the demanding Master's program in Technology Management alongside a second Master's program at the TUHH or a full-time job. More than 150 family members and friends from many countries including Germany, Colombia, Mexico, Brazil, Croatia, Lebanon and more took part.

Photo: Hauke Gilbert


They made it—21 students of the NIT Class 18 received their Master's degree in the Audimax of the Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH). NIT President Prof. Dr.-Ing. Otto von Estorff and CEO Verena Fritzsche proudly presented them with the certificate. The graduates lived through two exciting and challenging years at the NIT. They successfully completed their Master's degree in Technology Management alongside their M.Sc. at the TUHH or their full-time job. Over 150 family members and friends from Barbados, Brazil, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico, Serbia, and the USA travelled to Hamburg for the ceremony.

Photos: Sebastian Engels, Silviya Sobaci



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