The internship is designed to complement the academic studies and constitutes a key element of the overall master's program. During the internship, you gain insights into the nature and structure of German companies. You experience specific technologies in real-life settings and can observe the application of operational management.

The internship provides an opportunity for students to test and apply their theoretical knowledge in a practical context. You are introduced to different areas of research and development, manufacturing and production and to get to know industries and companies with relevance to your future career paths.

The immersion into an industry setting deepens the students' understanding of acquired course contents from the study program. At the same time, you can apply your learned knowledge and skills in practical projects and tasks. This increases your transfer and problem-solving skills in practical applications. For the international students the internship also provides an opportunity to apply and expand their knowledge of German in a professional environment.

Note: Students who enroll in the master's program at NIT on a part-time basis, parallel to their job, can substitute a work project in their current workplace for the internship.



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