You are fully involved in your professional life, but would like new impulses? Perhaps you are also planning to develop a business idea and set up your start-up?

In our certificate program, you will learn about innovative methods and gain new inspiration. Participants in our English-language certificate program study together with our international master students of the M.A./MBA program in technology management and benefit from an intercultural learning atmosphere.

From Innovation Methods to Leadership

The contents of our study program are modular. This makes it possible to set priorities and to complete individual modules flexibly according to one's own needs. Our studies consist of classroom and group work as well as online learning. Required attendance takes place almost exclusively in the off-peak hours - on Friday evenings and weekends. 

The entire NIT program is accredited by FIBAA. This means that you receive credit points (ECTS) from the NIT for each successfully completed module during your certificate studies, which you can have credited to your later studies at the NIT.

Project-based course to become an "Innovation Manager"

At the heart of the technology management course is MyProject - an innovation-driven project that students work on independently but with intensive support from their lecturers. In MyProject, students develop methodological skills that are in demand in an agile, digital working environment

In addition to the possibility of taking MyProject embedded in our M.A./MBA program, we offer you the opportunity to study four modules of MyProject plus one module out of the complementary studies and, after successful participation, complete them with the "Innovation Manager" certificate (30 ECTS). Instead of the master's thesis you can optionally add a detailed business plan check by an experienced lecturer.

Exciting modules from Design Thinking to Coding

In our certificate program, we offer you nineteen exciting modules that you can book individually and study flexibly while working. Due to their modular character, the modules consist of workshops at the NIT, individual and group learning phases, online learning, and continuous online coaching by experienced professors and trainers.

How is a module structured?

Especially the modules from the areas "Complementary Studies" and "MyProject" take up current topics and trends from the economy. They prepare you specifically for the challenges the working world faces today as a result of digitization and the pressure to innovate in companies.

In MyProject, you will develop a mindset that enables you to use correlations and methods of innovation as well as new business field development. Here you can build on your previous knowledge from the company and, if necessary, focus on a concrete (innovation) project from your professional practice.

Attractive modules such as Design Thinking, Digital Supply Chain Management or Technology & Ethics are available for Complementary Studies. Or you can take the module "Coding" and learn programming - an ability that is in demand today and in the future in many innovation-led professions.

Certificate study for "Innovation Manager" - for whom is it suitable?

Our certificate program is aimed at people with several years of practical experience who would like to continue their education in the field of innovation management while working. It is particularly suitable for:

  • Employees in companies that have recently taken over innovation projects or will do so in the near future
  • People who have new business ideas, want to develop them or are planning to start a business
  • People who are looking for a new professional orientation and are interested in innovative technological developments

The certificate program for Innovation Manager is suitable for both self-employed and salaried employees - from any industry and any type of organization. A very good command of the English language is required.

Activities of an Innovation Manager

An Innovation Manager is responsible for finding, developing, and implementing new ideas. The Innovation Manager accompanies the entire process from the original vision to conception, prototype development, and market analysis.

Innovation Managers form a central interface within the company and are particularly important for communication inside and outside the company. They also monitor the corporate environment and use trend scouting to identify current developments and technical innovations promptly. Thus, innovation managers can initiate processes with which products not only remain competitive, but even set trends!

Attractive career prospects for Innovation Managers

Due to rapid change, increasing complexity, and advancing digitalization, innovation managers are in high demand in companies today - and the trend is rising.

Thanks to our practice-oriented certificate program for Innovation Managers, we develop an open mindset and learn innovative methods that you can apply operationally and directly in your job. With these new skills, you will be able to develop new (business) ideas and ensure that companies remain competitive with their business models.


Strong interest in Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Are you interested in our certificate study for Innovation Manager or would you like to take individual modules from our curriculum? We would be happy to discuss the content and structure of our modules with you personally and clarify the requirements.

Since our modules are embedded in our English MBA program in Technology Management, a very good knowledge of English is a central prerequisite for our certificate program at NIT. You should also have a strong interest in innovation, technology, and entrepreneurship and be open to our international and intercultural community.

Recognition of modules for MBA studies

In the context of a consultation we can also clarify whether a later enrollment in the MBA course Technology Management including recognition of the modules from the certificate study is possible.

Alternatively you can book the individual modules of the certificate course directly via our central booking platform moNITor . There you will find all the dates for the modules and can register up to 4 weeks before the start of the event!

Financing and Fees

Our modules can be booked individually or as certificate studies for Innovation Manager. The tuition fee per module is 1,950 Euro. If you decide to study to become an Innovation Manager and thus take several modules from MyProject, the tuition fee is 7,500 €.
In this case, you will benefit from a saving of 23 % compared to the individual booking of the modules.

If you develop a business idea or an innovation project in MyProject, you can optionally book a detailed business plan check by a qualified expert. This is offered for 2,500 €.

moNITor - book workshops, modules, and seminars

moNITor is our new booking platform for our MBA/M.A. seminars and modules as well as for continuing education workshops. The participant management system (moNITor) is quite intuitive and makes it easier to manage your enrollment for upcoming events, redeem vouchers, and so much more!

Manage modules from our MBA/M.A. program

As a student of our program in Technology Management (MBA/M.A.), you can see all the modules that are mandatory for your specific program as well as elective modules which you can also book. Additionally, you can find a progress report, your Transcript of Records, your enrollment certification, and your updated payment information.

Book further educational workshops

When booking NIT´s innovative lifelong learning workshops, the moNITor is a helpful tool too. For purchasing a module or workshop, simply register, book, and manage all information in one place.


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