NIT's Digital Think Tank brings together expertise in the areas of digitization and new leadership.

It aims to provide answers for an enlightened society in the digital age in terms of politics, the economy, the arts and religion




More than ever, innovative technologies of Industry 4.0 are forcing changes in the industry and creating new business models. Production methods, product portfolios, demand behavior and sales channels are rapidly changing. How can companies, and their executives, leverage this wave of change to explore new models and opportunities for growth and development?

The digital experts at the NIT lead and accompany the change process within organizations. Using an interdisciplinary approach with various formats, they question existing structures and develop new approaches to action.

NIT's Digital Think Tank offers:


Get to know the thinking of future in a 3-day intensive training, composed by NIT's DIGITAL THINK TANK: programming, leadership, machine learning, digital philosophy.

Language of instruction is German.
More details in German.

Next date: September 21-23, 2017


For this series of events, NIT invites entrepreneurs and managers from small and medium-sized enterprises to speak about challenges such as industry 4.0, 3D printing, and IT security. Ideas are provided by speakers from science, industry and politics. This networking meeting requires companies and their managers to stay focused on the big picture when facing disruptive changes in order to recognize and seize opportunities. The goal is to have an inspiring dialog regarding the keynote presentation on best practices for success between the speaker and participants alike. The Hamburg Economic Dialogue takes place once every quarter.  


The Digital Think Tank brings together experienced keynote speakers on the topics of digitization and new leadership. They prepare vivid, practical content that is custom-tailored for their audiences.

Examples of keynotes:

  • World of work in Industry 4.0: What qualifications do the employees and executives of tomorrow need?
  • Fax veteran meets a Snapchat queen – Leadership for different target groups
  • Experience and embrace digitization
  • What is Industry 4.0? Challenges, opportunities and risks of digitization


Outside of their own company, employees have the freedom to try new things, make mistakes and learn from them in a safe space. They get to know innovative methods like design thinking and agile project management, and they test them on their own business project. They use tools like the lean-startup methodology to test new business ideas for market readiness. Once employees return to their company with this entrepreneurial mindset, they can drive the digital transformation and prepare the company for the future. You can reserve the room with or without a trainer for your session.


With its interdisciplinary network of international researchers, the digital think tank assists businesses and organizations and evaluates clearly defined tasks as part of academic studies. Experienced consultants and digital natives (master’s students from TUHH and NIT) are available to support and propel upcoming transformation processes.


In cooperation with the publishing company Verlag Zukunft & Gesellschaft, the digital think tank publishes its own series featuring its latest research findings and development reports, which help master upcoming transformation processes. By doing so, the digital think tank offers researchers and businesses a forum to present their insights to an audience of specialists and open those insights up for discussion during accompanying events.



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